Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unmotivated :(

It's sad to say that I have nothing new to post this week. I have been completely unmotivated and short on thime this week so nothing new to share :( So to fill up some space and give you a little insight on my life I thought I would show you guys my favorite puppy in the world (okay so he's not really a puppy anymore but I call him that anyways) so meet Gally!

Gally is a 3 year old, 155 lbs. Great Dane and is the biggest baby in the world!! His favorite activities are laying on the couch, chasing cats, and picking up sticks in the yard. He likes to go on long walks but chews on anything you leave in sight when you leave him alone. I have went through 3 remotes to my dvr!! I love him but I now have to replace a couch, carpet, remotes, and many more things since he has blessed my life. Gotta love dogs!!

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  1. I am such an animal lover. I have two and I love them more than my kids. (and my kids know that lol ) Gally is so sweet and stinking cute!
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