Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well we have been out of heat for several weeks due to our natural gas line being part of a rolling shut in so every other month now they will shut our gas off to conserve what is left in our tank. We didn't know this so since we don't have a back up heat source we had to go without heat since right around Christmas :( let me tell you how much that sucks living in Ohio. Thankfully we have had a mild winter so far with the temperatures staying pretty decent. So as of this weekend we finally have heat again. We ordered a propane tank for back up so we don't have this problem again in February but it is so ugly sitting in the yard :( I will have to figure out a way to cover it up so it doesn't look so bad in the spring :)

On to brighter things. Having heat finally means I can get back in the craft room and get so work done. I have a few orders left over from the holidays and new ones coming in now so I have to get my butt to work :) I have been inspired to start working on a few more signs and blocks for the shop so I will post a couple of tutorials as soon as I get them figured out :) In the meantime here are a couple cute pieces that are available in the shop. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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