Thursday, July 20, 2017

My how things have changed!!

So in the last year in a half since I have posted on this blog a lot has changed for me. I married my boyfriend of 16 years on February 29, 2016 we eloped to no where special but was super exciting to finally be married. We had a reception in August for all of our friends and family.

Then by Sept we found out we were expecting TWINS!!! So my life has done a complete 360. Fast forward to April 1, 2017 we welcomed our  beautiful boys to the world at 33 weeks. The had a short NICU stay and have been home with us ever since.

So now they are 3.5 months old and take up a ton of my but I have reflected on how they have changed my life and I thought what better way than to put my new life on here. So while I am still doing my crafting I have decided to make this blog more about life in general. So that will include the boys, my wonderful husband, crafting, my etsy, shop, our farm house and a ton more. I hope to post as often as I can but I also did have to go back to work this month so I am still adjusting!! Till next time!!

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